2/27/23 – Daily Intentions

Dr. Business
February 27, 2023

All right. Good morning random. Folks on the Internet watching this. It’s another episode of daily intentions with your founder reflector. I don’t even know what this is. Connor Borrego. Anyways, here I am talking about the three things to help me set my day. So, the first thing is, what did I accomplish yesterday? And I’m gonna use that to motivate me to move me forward today.

Yesterday was Sunday. So I kind of didn’t do too much. I mostly relaxed at home. Got my house in order, you know, sort of like organized stuff. Kind of got ready for the week. I also took on took care of a handful of communication things that were lingering and little miscellaneous test. So I felt like I set myself up to have a really strong week this week and I feel that because I’m already cruising through my checklist this morning. So looking forward, what sort of obstacles am I looking at today? Well, last week Matt and I stood up the

Are basically the Playhouse backend and as well as the front end locally on my on my desktop. So now I’m going to start working on essentially putting it in our brand identity as well as creating the first analytics views which I’m gonna focus on email marketing. So I get through the branding or the rebranding of the of the, I guess the SAS skin that we’re customizing done. Then I will move into the email analytics view but if not, that’ll be for tomorrow. And so yeah, I guess now to wrap it up and and with what I’m most grateful for today and how I can use that motivation to feel me forward. Is I am grateful for the wonderful people that surround me today. I want to highlight Solomon my when my co-founders, one of my partners who has been

Working so hard over the past few months, to get, kind of playhouses, I guess positioning under his belt and our core advantages so that he can really lead our revenue and investment outreach efforts. And I’ve really seen that ramp up in the last few weeks and I’m looking forward to that continued progress and it’s all of that hard work. That Solomon has been putting into, you know, build up our revenue pipeline. That has me excited and motivating grateful for today. So anyways, good morning, Metaverse, hang in there. Wish you best left this Monday. It’s what February 27th, only two days left in the month so get out and get it.

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