2/24/23 – Daily Intentions

Dr. Business
February 24, 2023

Good morning, random strangers on the Internet who are watching this for some reason, it’s another episode of daily intentions with your founder host. Connor Borrego. Yes. This is a daily diary of my reflections and intentions for the day. So, founders Journal of Sorts. I don’t think this will be like other people’s founders journals but maybe it will, because I’ve never watched any Usually just like consuming curated created content and less spontaneous. Real life stuff. That’s how you know. I’m not a real genzier but I’m not really a millennial either. So it’s confusing. But anyways, first, first question, What did I accomplish yesterday? And How can I build on that success today?

Didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked yesterday to be truthfully honest and that sucks, but I did get some stuff done. So I got a, you know, at least give myself credit for pushing things forward. I had a big sales meeting yesterday with the hybrid publishers partner and I think the conversation went, well, we’re pushing things forward and we’re moving towards a test of sorts. It’s gonna be smaller than I would have liked, but at least we’re getting things going. So, you know, that’s exciting. We’ll have hopefully a case study come out of it. So that will help us potentially with sales down the road with other similar type businesses. um,

But yeah, I spent the bulk of the day trying to really get that pitch deck nailed. I’m kind of happy with what I came up with. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without a sounding board and my partner yesterday was Maddie, one of the best sounding bars importance. I could possibly have. So shout out to her help yesterday, I know that was a little frustrating. I’m not always the best creative partner, I struggled communication at times. So, anyways, we got that shaped up. That took probably, you know, a few hours, three hours or so for a ten slide deck, which sounds ridiculous. But, you know, other than that, I put out content, I started the series. I posted this several places that took a bit amount. A bit of time, I got caught up on some some messages that I had as well as a couple little item. So it felt like I was not really moving anywhere significant yesterday but at the same time I’m hoping that I was

And I’m just not recognizing it. So anyways, what can I build on from that success from yesterday? I think, you know, I got a few things started, You know, like application for the Sandbox Grant here, in Kansas City. I’m hoping we can get, you know, some funds to help us push our development efforts further faster. And so this program could allow us to do that. We have a great sponsor gym who is willing to vouch for us and so I’m gonna be following up with him shortly and I started that email.

You know, there is I started posting content to the Playhouse website, so it’s a lot of little things that I kind of got started that love to knock down and finish today. Um, especially because I’m not feeling so great, Maddie’s family came to visit last night, they were flying out of the airport here in Kansas City this morning. So they stayed with us and we had a few drinks. And so I felt better better before. So I would like to potentially build on the success from Wednesday, but, you know, standing up the dashboard and kind of maybe pushing analytics view forward, but I’m not sure that that’s the right project for me today. So we’ll see what pans out. I’m just planning to commit to something and see that through to the end and accept it for what it is. And then choose another one. If I can Because I feel very accomplished with this week in general, we’ve gotten a lot done.

So what challenges done facing today and how can I overcome them? Well, I think you kind of can tell what the challenge was. I was alluding to it there at the end, it’s the hangover. Other than that, it’s, you know, I got so many things on my plates, still to get done that. You know, how do I overcome them? I don’t know. Just got a prioritize them and knock them down one at a time and not get overwhelmed by it. So a challenge for me today, like I said, is just Accepting where I’m at accepting? What I can get done and just pushing forward, what is going forward? So what am I grateful for today? And how can I use that gratitude to feel my motivation and excitement?

I’m just very excited about what I’m working on. So, I don’t think I need anything else to motivate me on that. But if I’m going to use some extra fuel to get through the hangover today, most grateful, for the amazing partner that I have, because, I certainly couldn’t be building this project in isolation without the support. All of my founding team members and friends and advisors and peers and mentors who’ve all given amazing feedback on this, but some people stand above and one of those people is my fiance Maddie makes a lot of sense. If you think about it, we spend a lot of time together, especially since remote life started. So, anyways, like I said, amazing sounding board help me push through the pitch deck and so I am incredibly grateful to be blessed to work with her and to, you know, have her in my life as as a partner and as an amazing person that I get to spend time with, so That’s motivation enough for me today. I’m signing off until Monday. I don’t want to do these on the weekends because I want to take time off to so Monday through Friday. I expect to see me here every morning. So on that note. Good morning, Meadows. Looking forward to seeing what Web3 holds.

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