2/23/23 – Daily Intentions

Dr. Business
February 23, 2023

Well, it’s February 23rd 2023. I think it’s been close to two years since I’ve done these with any amount of consistency, but I thought now is a better time than ever to kick this off again. So first off, good morning, Metaverse. I miss saying that from the open seas kind of days. Anyways, I’m gonna start doing this every morning. Should hopefully be like less than two minutes where I just set my intentions for the day. I’m hoping that you will all come along and join me. You might learn something about what I’m doing with business because I have a tendency to ramble.

But there are three questions that Chat GPT has suggested that I answer every day to reflect on what I got done yesterday or last week. What I want to get done today and what I’m thankful for today, most of all to make sure that I can remind myself of why I work as hard as I do. A few guys have any suggestions comments, feedback, Please let me know in the comments also like, and subscribe. The Playhouse Channel because we will have all sorts of content coming out over the next few months. Anyways, so here are the three questions. What did I accomplish yesterday? And How can I build on that success today? What challenges am I facing today? And how can I overcome them? And what am I grateful for today? And how can I use that gratitude to fuel my motivation and excitement?

And I’m sure I’ll boil down these questions to something shorter because I don’t like those mouthfuls. But, you know, at the same time, they serve their purpose. And it’s kind of interesting to see what an AI spits up. So, starting with question number one, what did I accomplish yesterday? And how can I build on that success today?

So yesterday I was working on getting our Playhouse kind of sass dashboard Front End, interface project downloaded installed on my local desktop. I had it installed on my laptop and, you know, I’m not the best engineer. I say that all the time and we were having our engineering meeting yesterday with my yes, he CTO or advisor, depends on which VC we talk to, because they don’t really like calling that a founder. And, but anyways, I wouldn’t be able to do this without Matt. So we spent like four hours on the call, troubleshooting the project set up. But

I’m at the point where I can start building our views to connect to sort of the data transformations made. So for me, that was kind of a huge accomplishment because this has been a robot that’s been holding me up. We also discussed the situation with our WordPress builds and Matt confirmed my suspicions that it’s not worth continuing to develop our management tool. Inside that technology stack, even if I could figure it out, because it’d just be a waste of time and resources over the long run, because I’m well equipped to build on the tool we’re using today. So anyways, we’re building this in flask which most engineers would also be upset and laugh that because you know, the I guess the standard would be Django or would be, you know, moving up something more realistic like react but

You know. We start where we know, right? Because Starbucks got be scrappy and we’ve been in agency for two years but we got to be a software company. Now if we, if we want to grow so, Anyways. I think that I could probably been more efficient with some of the time doing that. But it’s also like, I always think of software engineering is just like, problem solving work. You don’t really know how long it’s gonna take, but using chat GPT to answer. My questions got me much further than I ever have in a shorter amount of time with the issues that was facing. So I was really excited about the prospect of being far. More effective building out our views. This go around

Um, today I have several challenges sort of facing me. I would say the, the biggest one is putting together a pitch deck for one of the opportunities we have. Right now, we’re speaking with potentially two hybrid publisher companies. These are like publishers, you know, for authors but what makes them hybrid is, they kind of their business models, a little different, just basically the way that they sign and work with the authors.

They, you know, depending on the services, they offer to the authors. Kind of don’t necessarily run the full gambit of a traditional publisher, which is why they’re called hybrid, but they’re great for kind of like early authors, novice authors people who are kind of like speculatively interested in getting published to be able to do. So without the hurdles and gatekeepings of traditional you know, sort of publisher companies but you know they also have reach another advantages so there are reasons to work with them. But anyways, long story, short is, there’s an opportunity for us to be potentially building websites and running ads to help them, promote the artists, I guess, in this case, the authors books, who are, you know, kind of coming to the publisher to have them do that. So looking forward to putting something coherent together, pitching has been, probably our biggest struggle over the last two years. So I’m kind of dragging my feet a little bit on what that pitch narrative looks like we’ve made.

Multiple of among the course of this week but, you know, I haven’t really nailed down something I love yet. And, yeah, I’m just concerned about the, you know, perception and feedback from the partner. We’re meeting with I’ll be in person, coffee meeting. How can I overcome them persistence mindset? I don’t know. Just at the end of the day, something has to get down on paper before I meet with them. So luckily I’m not meeting with the publisher today, just to trusted their party who’s making introductions and looking to provide these services well, so we’re sort of teaming up on this opportunity. Um, anyways beyond that, you know, I have a slew of other, you know, backlog projects that I would love to be working on and doing many of which are around marketing and pitching.

Probably as the focus today. So that tomorrow and this weekend, I can actually be focused on development which is something that I haven’t been able to do probably consistently since December. So, I’m excited to be there because that could mean we actually get closer to product launch.

This is a lot more rambling than I thought I was going to do anyways. What am I grateful for today? And how can I use that gratitude to fuel my motivation and excitement? Honestly, I’m grateful that I push myself to start this video series again today so I can already feel my motivation building. I think this was a good idea as the Internet holds me accountable for my bad days. It’ll be interesting to see how I handle that. But yeah, I kind of like the idea of, you know, telling the world. Hey, here’s Where I’m at today. But anyways, thank you for coming along with me on my intention settings this morning. I am gonna go for a little walk here. Try to clear my head some and then it’ll be off the races on all the sales and marketing materials. So wish me luck and

hope you guys crash your day as well. For the whole 15 subscribers. I have listening if you aren’t a subscriber, please click that button because Who knows? Maybe I’ll say something insightful. One of these mornings and you can run with it, if not, you’ll definitely hear about cool new projects and my problems with them. Anyways, Peace out, metaverse

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