1/19/23 – BTE: GM From the Heartland

January 19, 2023

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Coming to you live from the heart of America.

GM, I’m your host. Connor Borrego, and this is better than ever news.


This first episode we probably need to break down our format a little for you.

We’re positive news, only, network, but we deliver it with snark because no one would care otherwise.

1st we bring you one piece of good news from across the globe. 2nd we bring you any hope from here within the United States. And 3rd we shine a light on the heartland, where good people doing great, things are regularly overlooked.


In Global News, a recent United Nations announcement says that the atmospheric shield that protects us from the sun and space, otherwise known as the ozone, is on track to being healed by 2066. The slow rolling success, began with the 1987 Montreal Protocols. An international agreement to stop using certain chemicals that were dissolving our sky. At BTE, we just want to wish a much speedier recovery moving forward.


In American News, a family-owned pizzeria in Las Vegas was saved from near financial ruin. Thanks to a video that popped off on TikTok. A restaurant employee contacted a food influencer on the platform to review the business, which made all the difference. Like literally within hours, the restaurants saw more business than it had seen in its entire year long existence. It’s 2023, so no one is really surprised at the power of word of mouth online, but it’s always refreshing to be reminded of its potential to do good.


In Heartland News, two Pittsburgh teachers at Turtle Creek Elementary STEAM, were celebrated as heroes yesterday by their peers and hordes of students that they educate. The celebration was in honor of their quick recognition and response to help with choking student during a recent school snack break. We were celebrating these teachers today, not as heroes, for that day’s vigilance, but for the hard work they put in every day helping young people to grow up.

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