Virtual real estate DAOs be like:

Casimir Stone
March 29, 2022

Some more pillars of the pervading web3 aesthetic:

  • Uncle Sam’s own ICO may be incoming sooner than we think. A group of lawmakers (Democrats, shockingly) introduced a bill officially directing the Treasury Department to create its own digital dollar. There are all sorts of implications to that, but since we’re talking aesthetics today, let’s just focus on the name of this abomination: the Electronic Currency And Secure Hardware Act. Or… drum roll please… ECASH. If politics are just reality TV these days, couldn’t we at least find some funnier contestants?
  • Grimes appeared to admit to DDoSing, blackmail, and other cybercrimes in a Vanity Fair interview – infractions without a statute of limitations in her native Canada, and carrying jail time up to 10 years. Will she wind up impaled on her own broadsword? Perhaps. But if previous high profile examples of proud web3 criminals and/or the general tenor of the world currently are anything to go off, it’s more likely she winds up with a very dumb HBO documentary
  • The Yuga Labs pitch deck leaked, containing such earth-shattering takeaways as ‘the upcoming merch drop will likely be more than just hoodies and shirts’. A co-founder responded claiming it was an old deck and plans may change, because ‘fuck doing expected things‘ — confirming they are, at least, aware of our bottomed-out expectations. 
  • Speculative buying of virtual real estate has already priced out all but the whitest of whales, despite negligible adoption of the metaverses themselves. Wannabe MMORPGs like Decentraland and the Sandbox barely have multiple players, let alone masses. Yet property inside them is going for 6-7 figures, as degens eagerly await the day when virtual land will be ‘a yield-bearing, high-appreciation asset‘. Meanwhile, I eagerly await the 2025 Arrested Development reboot, in which the Bl.eth DAO live in an undeveloped metaverse lot as their Dogecoin millions fall victim to a bear market, crypto regulations, and general cultural ire. But hey. At least there’s always money in the banana gifs. 

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