Steal our idea — we’ll promote you.

Casimir Stone
September 30, 2021

Look. We’re not in it for the money. (Not like we’re making any to begin with, but even if we were, we wouldn’t be.) We’re in it because we genuinely believe Web 3.0 is the future, and we’ll promote anyone who proves it — even if we’re competing with them.

Need more proof? Here’s Alto City Royalties. They popped up on our radar when one of their lightly edited Google Maps screenshots landed in the top 5 sales on OpenSea. Sure, the artwork itself might be worthy of El Prof’s daily roasts, but the concept is brilliant — and we’re not just saying so because we thought of it first.

The owner of an NFT version of Alto City’s maps also owns a portion of the royalties generated by subsequent sales of merch featuring the same image. Although print on demand pocket squares is a little too ‘early aughts pick up artist’ to suggest a significant return on investment, it’s the idea we love, not necessarily the execution.

This is just another example of revolutionary use cases on the blockchain that validate our delusions of a looming utopia. No big deal. Check out Alto City here.

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