Release the hounds

Casimir Stone
January 25, 2022

Web3 saw more ill-advised adoption this week than a pandemic-era puppy shelter. 

  • $SHIB announced their official entrance into the Metaverse. How you can get more ‘officially’ meta than being a literal meme coin is beyond me. But now we have the ‘#Shiberse’ to look forward to. Such treat.
  • Youtube and Netflix sent out threatening hints at NFT features in the near future. Projects like Stoner Cats are already experimenting with blockchain-based video content and, well, it’s not great, unless shelling out 0.35eth to watch an adult animated cartoon sounds like your ideal afternoon. 
  • Twitter finally rolled out its NFT profile picture functionality, which managed to piss off web2 and web3 maxis alike. The former, naturally, because lol JPGs rofl right-click-save. The latter, because by allowing cross compatability with any NFTs (not just verified) you actually can just right-click-save, say, a Bored Ape, mint it on OpenSea, and it will appear official on Twitter. Cue subtweets.

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