Putting the 🖕 in Facebook.

Casimir Stone
October 7, 2021

One of those ‘ideal world’ scenarios we talked about up top is $4m closer to being a reality. Swash is another blockchain startup with a mission we love in a position to prove the crypto space is about more than just horny big cats. Intent on putting the ‘fuck you’ in Facebook Privacy & Security, Swash allows you to make money off your own data. We think it’s brilliant — and not just because we thought of it first.

By downloading the Swash app, you authorize it to collect your browsing data, just like every other Web 2.0 data silo. But, in a refreshing change of pace, rather than being funneled into AI-generated, way-too-specific tee shirt advertisements, the data goes into a so-called Data Union, where advertising firms and hedge funds can purchase it, redistribute profits to the sellers — you — and then still run those ads. But hey! At least you get a cut this time? 😅

The future is light-at-the-end-of-a-tunnel bright.

Swash’s Initial DEX Offering is approaching and they’re giving away tokens ahead of time to celebrate. We swear they’re not paying us to say this. We just feel validated our million dollar idea turned out to be worth 4x that.

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