Institutional Double Take

el Prof
October 19, 2021

Today’s lecture is a bit more of a conspiracy theory, than anything grounded in concrete fact, so take the following with a grain of salt.

Whenever there has been a market crash in the last 100 years, the definition of crash is loose, there has consistently been a secondary correction, that on average manifests in the following 18 month period.

I believe these secondary corrections are a result of, or inspired by, large institutional investors re-arranging their portfolios, so that retail investors can take the L on hot, now-over priced, assets.

This time around, I feel very strongly that the stable asset class institutions have been acquiring and holding, are crypto bluechips; and when their house of cards falls again on retail investors, diamond hands will prevail. Also, those in the traditional markets are going to eat shit, and then have those losses magnified by inflation.

Main Points of Support:

  • Inflation, Officially on the Rise

  • BTC & ETH near ATC with Low Speculation Signals

  • Federal Reversal on Bitcoin ETF

  • Housing Moratorium, Pending Death

  • Traditional Market Gains, Astronomical Relative to the Bottom of the Crash

I rebalanced my portfolio months ago, but its starting to manifest. Again total conspiracy, but doesn’t it get the gears turning?

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