…in this economy?

Casimir Stone
January 20, 2022

Last Friday, the altcoin Propy was listed on Coinbase and consequently spiked in value by 227%. Which gives us a solid excuse to plug yet another curious use case. Propy (PRO) is an Ethereum side-chain designed to virtually purchase real estate. PRO tokens are used to complete transactions such as deed contracting, and, as of late, as a convenient way for crypto influencers to double their moneyThanks Biden.

The stated aim of the blockchain-based exchange is to ‘protect the real estate industry from scams and wire fraud’, which feels like a strange fit, but hey. The customer knows best, right? PRO opened the year trading at $1.47, and hit a high of $4.11 yesterday. Of course, it’s down almost a dollar now, and may very well continue to oscillate wildly while swing trainers hold on like a hammered college student on a mechanical bull until the hype dies down and web3 Twitter finds the next shiny new toy, or, God forbid, an exciting use case actually proves itself to be useful. 

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