Enter the Hot Girl Metaverse

Casimir Stone
November 9, 2021

Women today make up less than a quarter of the crypto space and account for a mere 16% of the NFT market. web3 baddies is on a mission to change that. Open only to female, nonbinary, or femme creators, the DAO consists solely of anti-Chads. Being one myself, you’d think would turn me off to the whole thing. But my self loathing tendencies win out per usual. The ‘hot girl metaverse’ is where it’s at.

The web3 baddies are part of a wider push toward gender diversity in crypto:

  • Women in Blockchain Talks is a female-focused space to demystify the blockchain sphere and encourage diversity within it.
  • Women Rise is a forthcoming campaign to bring 100,000 women to crypto adoption by 2022. 
  • Boss Beauties, an NFT collection with a similar goal, was displayed at the New York Stock Exchange last month.

Cryptocurrency is significantly equitable and diverse compared to, like, the actual economy. But both have their problems. Although almost half of crypto users are people of color, only 4% are black women. And, of the Top 10 NFT Artists in terms of sales, only one is a woman. (One who spent three sorry years of her life fucking Elon Musk to boot.) Still, much like it holds the potential to distribute wealth equally among races, crypto presents the possibility of ending the wage gap, too. 

So, if you bear closer resemblance to the picture on the left, not the right:

  1. Join the interest list for web3 baddies.
  2. Stay woke.
  3. Get a dope bucket hat. 
  4. Your sense of style is not atrocious. Congrats.


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