At last, private docs Google can’t read

el Prof
February 24, 2022

Our business advisor and resident media mogul put a competitor to our UniPro product on my radar last night. Clearly, he knows as well as y’all that the quickest way to get our attention — and, by extension, free promotion — is to take one of our ideas to market first. 

It’s called Skiff, a private and decentralized workspace, kind of like if Notion and Google Drive conceived a bastard child on the Ethereum blockchain. Like a new species arriving to take the Theory of Evolution for a test drive, they’re entering web3 and the creator economy with a thoroughly useful tool in tow. Skiff provides users with a clear document history and contribution log, both private and verifiable at the same time. So, basically, like a Pichai-peeping-proof Google Docs. 

Project management tooling and collaborative content development are heavily saturated spaces, even with the trendy ‘own your own data‘ hook we bite every time. But providing audited tools secured by decentralized databases and end-to-end encryption gives Skiff an edge, as it’ll be more private, economical, and reliable than the existing server farms run by Google, Amazon, et al. In other words, there’s actual utility to it, which might attract at least a few of the users in the awkward limbo between those who’ll adopt it simply because there are a couple crypto bros on the board of advisors and those too turned off by web3 to use it at all. 

I think the issues that will stem from this product revolve around creative rights granted to a creator’s off-hours work, and the existing intellectual property rights law, which work as a catch-all to ruthlessly scoop up creative assets if they become valuable, and, thus, within reach. That’s the dark triad risk player in me talking, though. Skiff honestly seems pretty cool, and we hope to provide this sort of tooling for our own UniPro writers as soon as possible.

See? Intellectual property theft can be a two-way street. 

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