Always a smaller fish.

Casimir Stone
January 11, 2022

Woke up to a cool tweet from @richerd, a Crypto Punk owner (the highest honor among degens, unfortunately) and the founder of Manifold, a platform for creating custom NFT contracts. The company ethos is, ‘Creators are the platform’, which helps explain the following:

He goes on to tweet, ‘If @BoredApeYC created their own marketplace tailored for their own community, it would most likely become the de-facto place to buy and sell Apes. The future of marketplaces is that creators will most likely own the end-to-end experience for their NFTs.’ So, basically, rather than the web2 approach of finding exposure through an Amazon or Etsy, the future of metaverse commerce will be curated directly to consumers and creator-controlled from end to end.

This line of reasoning makes sense coming from an influencer most famous for owning a Crypto Punk — the highest selling NFT collection of all time took a similar approach when they launched in 2017. But it also aligns with our assessment of the limitations of OpenSea. Although OS serves an important role as one of the only existing discovery platforms for NFTs, it brings with it all the frustrations of centralization that web3 technology is supposed to neutralize. Plus, the nature of blockchain smart contracts actually does open the door for creators to sell their own work competitively and securely. Think Frank Ocean finessing Universal, but as a PNG.

Of course, the web2 norms emerged for a reason. Centralization is more user-friendly and wider discoverability often trumps the benefits of finer tuned targeting. That’s why our solution is a centralized discovery platform integrating marketplaces across all chains, along with a custodial wallet with a clean interface to make metaverse transactions manageable and accessible for users at any level of experience.

Then again, our beta version is currently populated solely with self-promotion, so we may be better at proving out @richerd’s hypothesis than our own. But if you’re about to launch a blockchain brand or even just a collection of PFPs, remember that the most successful fish are sometimes the smallest and deepest in the sea.

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