A TikTok Hot Take To Get Behind

el Prof
November 4, 2021

@inkpenavenger made an awesome point about the structure of capitalism through the lens of game theory, and as a strong proponent of capitalism, I should hate, but do love, this take.

Essentially, our host breaks down capitalism into a simple equation: Profits = Revenues – Investment. When a Laborer or Employee is looking at how to optimize for their own profits, our host contends that ‘effort’, housed under investment, is the only thing within their control on the job to extract more value out of the other end. 

And I contend that this is absolutely true for many unskilled laborers working in a blue collar environment, while white collar, unskilled workers are afforded a second lever to influence their earnings, networking. But both are truly ineffective means of incentivizing the outcomes business owners want to extract from them, which is why Managerial Statistics & Managerial Sciences were created.

I see those studies as the science of gaslighting though, because it is the goal of the manager to extract as much value from their employees through various forms of coercion, the most complex of which occur on imperceptible, psychological levels, to most unaware participants.

But I digress. I think everyone should be your own business, because its the only way to maximize your rights and voice in this country anymore. Small Business, powered by Big Data, is the future. Fuck the haters.

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