A few Google defectors, some really smart people and a movement.

OUR GOAL: To give the power of personal data back to the people.  Big data, fitness tracking apps, calendar apps, to do lists, etc., all get the benefit of taking your personal data and making it useful to themselves.  Just imagine a world where your personal data can be housed, analyzed, monetized and most importantly, optimized; by YOU.

Stakeholders Team

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Solomon Amoako

Chief Revenue Officer

Elliana Roberts

Partnerships Representative

Creative Team

Casimir M. Stone

Chief Creative Officer

Madison J. Spence


Engineering Team

Connor Borrego

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Pierce

Chief Information Officer

Amnah Omran

web3 & Data Engineer


The company was founded by a Machine Learning & AI Product Expert from Google, Connor Borrego, who after several years of working with Small Business Owners, realized that these platforms are casinos that stack odds against the little players, in favor of the easier to manage, and higher paying, whales.  Connor decided to change the rules of the game.

He realized that equipping content creators with better tools to own their data would lead to more value in their pockets today, but lead to the tools being available for small business owners and eventually all users to benefit from.