TFW your state currency is also a shitcoin

Casimir Stone
March 8, 2022

The invasion of Ukraine continues to moonlight as the crash course in Internet anthropology no one asked for.

There’s now a subreddit for foreign citizens to volunteer to fight in Ukraine. Of course, almost as soon as it emerged, it turned into a Spiderman-finger-pointing meme of anonymous white suburban teenagers with no combat experience cosplaying as the type of person who would volunteer to defend democracy while accusing other members of a presumably similar demographic of being Russian chaos agents. For every Arab Spring, there’s a dozen 2012 Baltimore reddit meetups waiting in the wings. 

Meanwhile, the Ruble is worth less than Roblox’s in-game currency. So, Russia has turned its propaganda machine’s sights on hypebeast fascism with their answer to MAGA or QAnon — the military symbol / Putin Youth approved streetwear logo ‘Z’. Also, the sovereign nation state of Ukraine is being accused of rugpulling after cancelling their planned token airdrop and announcing a pivot to NFTs. Whoever said ‘war is hell’ is lucky they didn’t live to see war in 2022.  

Good time for a biweekly reminder of the actually useful ways you can help Ukraine.

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