TFW you realize the verse is already meta:

Casimir Stone
February 8, 2022

Low rent sci fi dialogue incoming:

  • Ethereum’s developers are considering instituting ‘blob-carrying transactions’ in a ‘near future hard fork’ which apparently means the web3 equivalent of Zucc’s tearful pivot to video. Onchain layer-one transaction fees remain through the roof, and since ETH 2.0 remains a pipe dream, the founders are considering a radical restructuring of the chain’s transaction format. If you care, it’s explained well here. Personally, I just can’t get over how this all sounds like the fake scientific chatter from a Godzilla movie, but that’s just me. 
  • In five days, the #FreeAssange DAO has now raised the largest amount of any on the JuiceBox platform, beating out the National Treasure one with over 16,000eth. Should’ve known stealing the constitution could only be topped by kidnapping the president’s least favorite person. Disney (almost) predicted it.
  • Our conspiracy theory from last week just got a little less conspiratorial as the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston announced a prototype stable coin resolving test transactions in under two seconds. $BIDENBUCKS when?
  • GameStop is getting into NFTs, because life is just memes all the way down. 

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