Take the bad with the bad

Casimir Stone
February 22, 2022

And now for the hard-hitting Blockchainfreude you’ve come to love:

  • El Salvador is on track to become the true Decentraland, proposing sweeping reforms to citizenship red tape so any old Bitcoin hodler can become a subject of Nayib Bukele, the Twitter-trolling, bowtie-less Tucker Carlson of web3. Which sounds pretty awful to me, but is, unironically, most degens’ wet dream. 
  • The El Salvador of the U.S.A., Wyoming, proposed its own stablecoin. Even the founder of a digital asset bank in the state admitted she didn’t see the point, but hey. Those cryptobros almost bought the Constitution, so they’ll for sure turn out to vote in their local elections. Right? 
  • Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden became the first of its ilk to introduce doxxing as a formal policy, as a safeguard against rug pulls. Personally, I like where their head is at. But their target audience might not
  • A pinned post from the Tubby Cats Discord server went viral for imploring its users to ‘NOT announce to the server when [they] are going to masturbate’. Apparently, this has been a ‘reoccurring issue’. The poster expressed shock at users with ‘such under developed social skills that they think a server full of mostly male strangers would need to know that’. But, to me, this seems like exactly the sort of thing I’d expect from a server full of mostly male strangers.

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