Rigorous journalism at its worst

Casimir Stone
May 5, 2022

While we’re on the topics of eerie prescience / web3 news sources / Twitter surrealism / cultureless white people and/or Elon Musk, here’s one more distillation of top shelf dark comedy in a couple tweets. Binance, the largest crypto exchange by volume, recently committed $500M in venture capital to Musk’s Twitter bid. Blockworks, the largest web3 media property by volume, responded with a photo of, supposedly, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao with Musk back in his university days. Only, as CZ soon clarified, it wasn’t him in the photo. Just some other Asian man.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first — nor even the highest profile — case of #WrongAsian in recent memory. But given web3’s fear of doxxing and obsession with digital identity (and considering Elon’s promised ‘Edit’ button is still a few months away) you’d think Blockworks would exercise a little more caution before hitting ‘Tweet’.

Then again. It is the Internet we’re talking about…

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