Mr. Shill goes to Washington

Casimir Stone
March 17, 2022
  • Andrew Yang is launching a DAO for lobbyists, which feels like as 1:1 a fit as OpenSea : IP Theft, or Limewire : NFTs. Plagiarism’s gonna find a platform, piracy’s gonna find a new way to pocket peoples’ paychecks, anonymous money’s gonna find a new way to influence politics, and I’m going to stare at the system, helpless and disheveled, and do nothing but my best Jimmy Stewart impression. ZuZu’s petalsh. ZuZu’s petalsh!
  • The Juno blockchain community passed a vote to halve a whale holder’s token supply. They were accused manipulating a flaw in the blockchain system to artificially inflate their own balance. In turn, the blockchain community exercised executive power to take literal (figurative) money out of the hands of its own people. *sniff* Ain’t democracy beautiful? 
  • Disney’s Pixar Pals NFT collection sold out in under 24 hours. I shouldn’t complain. If there’s one thing poor old Bing Bong taught me, it’s that my childhood had to die sometime.

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