This Does Not Deserve A Headline

el Prof
November 4, 2021

Since I started writing 3 Duds & A Stud, I’ve run out of time to do the daily research to not make this column suck. Mostly because running a business sucks more effort and time out of my day than I’d like, but I also build tools once, so I never have to redo any one thing again. Maybe there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, or maybe just that one, but either way. I hope to be back on the OpenSeas sometime next week.

In the meantime, there were 3 Studs and a Dud this week, but I’m living in America in 2021 so I’m going to ignore the good and spend all my time talking about the bad, because who the fuck cares, I said so. 

This week’s Dud more than makes up for all of the above and then some. Cyberpunk Ape Executives Genesis — yes, that’s a real name, presumably designed to appeal to every degen sensibility save for logic — is peak NFT bubble crazy shit. So, brilliant. I can’t tell if it’s a shill, rug-pull-in-waiting, or deceptively clever stealth mode startup, but Cyberpunk Ape Executives Genesis (I can’t stop writing it) is pure gold.

From its SEO optimized word vomit of a name to its jargon packed back story, it’s not clear what the hell Cyberpunk Ape Executives Genesis actually is. But, whatever it is, there’s someone with a whole lot of thought behind it, and yet their lack of camouflage is mostly what surprises me most. But I guess for an internet full of rich crypto trolls, what else is there to buy but what’s easy to find, looks, and sounds cool?

There’s only 250 of these gifs, but you won’t catch me dropping a minimum of .2eth to cop one. That’s like a grand these days. But if they were to raise a nice friends and family round in a traditional fundraising environment, I’d throw them a couple bucks any day. 

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