Sir E.U – NationWidu (全国)

Casimir Stone
January 21, 2022

Any words I could use to describe DMV rapper Sir E.U would sound like shit next to the manic wordplay he uses to describe himself. From molesting Michael Jackson in the club to kill[ing] a Totodile in Vermillion City, the living piece of performance art has just released another installment in his self-mythologizing, Viper-deep discography. (23 projects and counting.)

When most rappers tell you it’s all off top like lice, it shouldn’t be taken at face value. But there’s an exception to every rule, and there’s almost no way ‘NationWidu‘ is not freestyled. Either that, or a grown man and should-be underground legend jotted down I’m like the Anti Christ / I’m like Auntie Anti Christ / I’m like the aunt of the Anti Christ / they call me Auntie / I’m nice into his notes app and proceeded to record it with a straight face. Which I doubt, because otherwise, he’d be a legend already. 

Whatever the case, we’re left with six and a half minutes of meandering, absurd prose that’s nevertheless stronger than half the Western Canon, set to a frantic loop of boss battle music, as fitting as it is unlistenable. Pair that with the vaporwave visualizer and you have the sound of the nonexistent past and/or apocalyptic future, complete with a debilitating migraine and induced delusions of grandeur.

More Bangers

Orchid – Pet

Orchid makes hyperpop, which you might know as the sound of ‘sticking your head into a microwave’ or ‘the Euphoria soundtrack’. A lot of people love it. Some still have self-preservation instincts. ‘Pet’ (prod. by ddertbAg) is an anomaly, as it bizarrely appeals to both camps. Yes, this is a hyperpop song. But it also sounds like music. It warrants a shoutout for that alone. 

s0wing season – gfd idk :////

While we’re on the topic of listenable hyperpop, here’s a song proudly billed as ‘hyperemo’ from an artist who just ‘talked [his] way into Count Your Lucky Stars Records‘ after 11 years of trying. From his track length to song titles to lofi sound, s0wing season is basically the sonic embodiment of Soundcloud culture. (Read: not for everyone.) But CYLS is one of the foremost labels in the emo revival movement, so it’s hard to believe it took so long. Especially when this lil banger happens to contain one of the most moving vocal performances I’ve heard all year.


I stumbled on this one-man Houston slapper factory through Juicebox Collective’s FRESH THIRTY playlist, curated weekly by some guy El Prof used to black out with back in college. Worth. Aaron May may make straightforward mellow trap, but his pitch perfect melodies make Travis Scott sound like spoken word. Also he’s only 20 years old. His YouTube comments suggest a rabid fanbase. I’d suggest joining it now if you want to be one of the ones who knew him before he was cool. 

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