She said I am not afraid to, die

el Prof
March 31, 2022

all my friends are dead, push me to the edge…

My mind loves hyperbole, so on days where things are actually hitting me hard you’d think it were the end of the world. Fortunately, this ELB rarely faces any true hardship outside of the one I manifest in my own head, which is precisely what resonated with me today looking at Ms. Moore’s latest piece serendipitously named “Visionary Queen”.

In Kelly’s own words “in a newly minted world we would have a Visionary Queen not a bunch of old white guys stack up their bones in the shape of dollar bills…” and which echoes the tone we tend strike here as h0rs is decidedly ageist against the gerontocracy. Unfortunately while the white male has invented the concept of the sunk cost fallacy, he fails to recognize it in his own system; a serpent in his garden for sure.

To my Visionary Queen, I will do better, and to the sn0bs among us who look beyond the artwork and message for a meaning that resonates with them, I say consider purchasing one of Ms. Moore’s NFTs on Opensea or supporting her work the ole fiat way, because she understands the business model, we just wish she’d ditch her and take her talents to UniPro & the sn0b network.

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