Selfless promotion

el Prof
February 15, 2022

As you know, I’m a sucker for self-promotion, even if I need to Trojan Horse it in. So who am I to pass up the chance to plug an exciting young artist channeling our very own taste in cyberpunk techno-dystopian branding?

@coughh_syrup — aka Mia Novakova — is a digital cinema photographer who does an excellent job in visually capturing the vague underlying sense of existential dread I get when I pass a condemned shopping mall on the way to my favorite discount supermarket chain. Shooting apartments under moody lights and probably-CGI plastic wrap, she gives the impression of an apocalyptic world as an abandoned summer home, if not the pad of some hustlebro version of Patrick Bateman.

The piece pictured above, shared with no context last year, leaves me feeling like Mia’s life mission might be to repaint the beauty in our lives behind a distorted digital lens, distancing it from the human experience, while demonstrating how its essence persists to shine through the deliberate distortion. Maybe I should have saved this imaginative commentary for our H0R_oscopes issue. Guess I underestimated the potency of legal weed. Can you blame me? 

Snarky garbled-y gook aside, I am certainly a fan of Mia’s style, and, like the other artists we’ve recently covered in Stud Finder, she’s a newly minted (pun intended) NFT artist. But it took me some work to find this, and I wouldn’t blame her audience of 50k followers if they couldn’t ‘follow the ETH’ from Instagram to Google to Twitter, where her genesis collection’s Super Rare link lives in its bio. If only there were a product that could bridge web3 creators’ audiences across web2 platforms.

Like, say, UniPro™: the ultimate growth hacking tool for content creators. UniPro provides an all-in-one business service to automate digital operations and grow audiences with predictable, and more importantly profitable, revenue streams in… motherfucker. There I go again with the self-promotion. I swear I can’t help it. Addiction is a disease. Haven’t you seen Euphoria? @coughh_syrup has, clearly.

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