Right-click-saved my own NFT

Casimir Stone
April 26, 2022

As y’all know, from time to time, we like to spice up our shameless self-flagellation with some shameless self-promo. Please. No kink shaming. 

Today, I’m plugging my latest piece of published writing, which dropped on 4/20, although I forgot about it until literally just now. (No idea why.) It’s part of txt.art, a crypto poetry anthology by Redlion, our far less snarky compatriot in the wild world of web3 reporting. They’ve paired 40 poets with 40 visual artists, including yours truly, to create a genuinely one-of-a-kind eBook. I mean, what other eBook has gifs embedded in it? Or, y’know, costs $400?

Yeah, so, I can’t even afford my own work. But so what? At the risk of being one of those poets who forces an interpretation of their poems on the audience, it’s ironic, obviously. And, even if I can’t own it myself, I can right-click-save it, at least. Mint it here. Or, rather, save yourself the 0.14eth and just read the damn thing. 

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