Paperless wallpaper.

el Prof
September 21, 2021

Here’s the deal — NFT art sucks. No one ever said it’s good, but I want it on the record. It’s awful. What I would do to find an actual artist trending when I check these stats in the morning. Seriously, I know some of you talented motherfuckers are out there, just sitting behind a closed door waiting to be discovered. Feel free to say hello.

This week, our top project of the last 24 hours on OpenSea is Generative Art Genpallete Collection. With such a mouthful of a name, I’d never have expected to feel so empty. These algorithmically generated Photoshop splatter paint pieces sell for a minimum of .5 ETH, and Stratster, the ‘artist’ behind the collection, has collected a cool 74 ETH in the last day. For the mathematically challenged among us, that’s nearly $200k.

I don’t want to shit on this project too much. Plenty of these pieces would make a nice — I don’t know. Tapestry? Wallpaper? Phone background? Stratster’s clearly much more talented as a developer than as an artist. But I can’t hate. Proving out blockchain use cases while raking in a Bentley’s worth of fake money seems like a fair exchange.

For the gawkers out there that still think buying .jpegs is like tossing your brain in a Ninja and hitting blend — stop thinking of them as pictures, start seeing them as raw data, and remember that the nerds at Google and Facebook are worth trillions because of it. So maybe instead of gawking, put your work out there and cash in, too.

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