el Prof
February 3, 2022

Considering we call ourselves Culture H0R, we hope none of you were under the illusion our brand is SFW. If so, we’re shattering it, right here, right now, by highlighting the art collection of the (in)appropriately named @eroticadezires, another web2 artist with the chops to make it big in web3, should they choose to.

NSFW art is steadily carving its own niche in web3. There’s ample poor taste, of course, but also no shortage of lucrative use cases for adult performers to monetize their skillset in a relatively safe and secure way. Then again, there’s also revenge porn being minted as NFTs and conflicting reports as to the inevitable prevalence of darker things. So, like, human sexuality is messy, even/especially behind anonymity. But, also, sex will forever sell. 

Which is why I’m so bullish on this totally fungible collection making the push to SolSea. Not only does it toe the line of tasteful and provocative as well as these things can — it’s also pretty funny. And, with its psychedelic-tattoo-art-meets-memeified-cartoon aesthetic, @eroticadezires might as well be AI-optimized to appeal to degenerate basement trolls’ ‘sensibilities.’ 

I preach three things: transparency, accountability, and free market capitalism. I can’t say sex acts on personified Death (link obviously NSFW) appeal to me personally, but sexuality is fluid. As long as there’s communication, consent, and money exchanging hands, who am I to kink shame?

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