Not pictured: art

Casimir Stone
April 19, 2022

It seems like a lot happens on web3 when you have to think of something clever to say about it biweekly. But, as it turns out, when you miss two weeks, you realize nothing much happens at all. Some laws got passed. Some scams got launched. Some hundreds of millions got stolen. And some Twitter philosophy bro really thought he was spitting when he used ‘permissionless’ and ‘secure’ in the same sentence. 

  • Coinbase is producing the Bored Ape Yacht Club Extended Cinematic Universe. The first film will debut at NFT.NYC in June, followed by two more in a planned trilogy. Considering it’s currently casting — which apparently just means DMing Twitter accounts with octagonal profile pictures — it’s given itself a strong two months in turnaround time to compete with the other BAYC-adjacent series (linked above) for the title of ‘one of the NFT video properties of all time’.
  • OpenSea dropped a beta version allowing NFTs minted on Solana to trade on the platform. As both Solana maxis and multi-chain future evangelists, it’s a good get for us — we buy the case for Solana as the least inefficient NFT blockchain. As believers of an unbundled future and/or anti-trust enthusiasts, it’s somewhat less encouraging — RIP SolSea, soon to be gone and forgotten. 

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