Like I do not know what permanent is

el Prof
February 10, 2022

I’m as much of a softboi as my sn0b profile picture suggests, so the thought of getting a bunch of needles repeatedly drilled into my back in the name of self-expression has always been a dark one to me. My fiancé sports an entire sleeve of ink she designed herself, and while I respect the unbeatable creative creds it gives, for the longest time, I couldn’t bring myself to join in.

Pain points aside, my aesthetic tastes flip flop more often than Joe Manchin. The permanency just would not work for me. But, it being the bodily manifestation of blockchain immutability and all, I finally gave in and got my company logo tattooed on my back. Those 5 minutes of simple line art were the longest in my life. 

All of that to say, tattoos and NFTs go hand-in-hand, as evidenced by our Stud today, Pedro Baez, who began creating within the traditional Japanese style of tattooing, before morphing into a cartoonist, and within the last week, an NFT artist with collections on Opensea and the user-curated platform, Foundation.

The artist’s best pieces feature a friendly demon character in a dissociative state, overwhelmed by the limitless nature of reality, which I find both adorable and, you know, relatable. Support Jose by checking out his personal site. (Squarespace. Barf. Give us a call.)

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