Just another hedgehog to cancel.

el Prof
October 12, 2021

It’s Hot Col Tuesday and, as per usual, nothing but shameless cash grabs to shit on. Today we’ve got the PFP craze of the hour, Fluffy Hedgehogs. In my experience, there’s very little fluffy about a computer screen, but still — these digital puffballs brought in a total of 9eth in the last 24 hours (~$31k).

One question only. Have these guys even ever seen a hedgehog? Seems like false advertising to me, but I guess Fluffy Hedgehogs sounds better than Fluffy Lobsters. Call me old fashioned — I prefer Sonic. Even the CGI monstrosity Twitter cancel culture collectively bullied out of existence would do, compared to these beta hogs.

Their roadmap reads like a narrative written in hindsight — a lot of ‘details will follow later’ — and a percentage of the sales of these Hamtaro derivatives are supposedly being donated to a super suss ‘hedgehog rescue’ foundation in the Netherlands, which would scream rugpull, except for the project’s decision to keep the collection to 250 editions. This increases their liquidity among people who want to support the hedgehogs, of which there are 250 out of the billions living on Earth, presumably.

But come on, eggheads. You’ve proven you can move MS Paint JPEGs. (Even if Graphic Design Is Your Passion™.) Now swallow your pride and hand off the web design to me.

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