Hear it before it’s cool.

Casimir Stone
September 28, 2021

I’m a HOR for having heard of [insert any piece of pop culture here] first — gonna go out on a limb and say you hipster snobs also are. And since our newsletter is all about the future, here are four recent projects that could only exist in this day and age, and couldn’t exist at all without the Internet. You heard it first here.

>1m streams: Wherever You’re Going I Hope It’s Great by 99 Neighbors

Never expected to hear an artist I first read about in Vermont Hip Hop (an oxymoron if there ever was one) on a playlist from a friend across the country, but here we are. Turns out my hometown heroes have gone mainstream — at least as mainstream as eclectic, jazz-tinged experimental rap can get — while still sounding straight out of an open mic at slam poetry night in a basement bar filled with Bernie Bros.

As an experiment, it falls a little short of something you’ve never heard before. But as catchy, diverse genre-fusion Internet music goes, I’ve rarely heard better.

>100k streams: ‘the lovely one’ by pluko

Less of a DJ and more of a hyper pop trap star, Pluko’s mission of “building up a picture of how the body feels” is never more realized than on this absolute banger of a Nintendo background track. From scraping windshield wipers to radio chatter to what sounds like a stomach gurgling, there’s so much to hear here, like everywhere.

>1000 streams: JAMAIS VU by GARÇON

In the spirit of Endless, here are seven songs in one seamless track, the sonic approximation of a fever dream you haven’t realized you’re having yet. The melodies creep and evolve like incremental app updates but before you realize it the paradigm has shifted and you’re in another song. In other words, GARÇON makes Music 3.0.

>100 streams: Dick Broƨ by Dick Bros

No one could describe this project in a paragraph, and with under a dozen listens on most songs, few can even try. But if you can stomach a coordinated assault on your eardrums and the bowels of the human experience set to mumble trap, a narrative emerges — a tone poem about identityexistence, and an incel falling in love with the Internetsex, and God (sometimes all at the same time).

It is a near impossible listen and a note perfect time capsule. If nothing else, the song title ‘Elite White Libtard / Global Homo Patriot’ proves it.

If you have a project you loved before it was cool, or a project of your own no one’s heard yet, let us know. We’d love to share the love… or tear it to shreds.

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