For brand H0Rs only.

el Prof
November 30, 2021

I hope your Thanksgivings were filling, because today’s art collection is about as satisfying as a Happy Meal. Before you start defending the work that goes into adjusting the parameters to get better computer pictures, let me tell you more about today’s digitally generated algo-vomit, Bent, curated by an ‘artist’ named ippsketch.

The collection launched yesterday with a Dutch-style auction that saw 3 pieces go for 5eth each, in addition to the other 1000 that went for a floor of .2eth, netting a cool $4M on Day 1. Somewhere at the intersection of ‘iPhone background’ and ‘Hotel Art’, this collection holds little value outside of proving that dedicating 3-4 hours to learning an image generator can be very lucrative. But even that’s generous. More likely, the art itself had nothing to do with these sales. This collection is promoted by the wildly popular collective Art Blocks Curated, and nothing says ‘future of the art market’ like big name brands driving absurd sales of terrible work. 

The only one I don’t hate is Bent #500 (pictured above) — one of the 3 that went for 5eth. So either bidders have good taste, I have expensive taste, or I’m just as likely as the next guy to hop on the big old brand-whoring, Ponzi-scheming bandwagon. 

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