Decentralize the nip.

el Prof
December 14, 2021

This week’s Hot Col Tuesday comes to you fresh from the seas, both Open and Sol, where our latest sponsor slash patron saint of funding Madison Jesseka has minted the latest in her on-going collection, digititties. Designed to support women in STEM, you may recognize them from our referral program, or from the notebook doodles of the guy who sold you weed in high school. Whatever the case, we’re as bullish on them as you can be. And unbiased. Totally.

MJ, like us, believes in a multi-chain future, so digititties drops will alternate between OpenSea and SolSea. The currently available NFTs are minted on the latter for a floor price of 1 SOL or $200 USD. But, beecause the collection is so fluid, her website is the best guide for current and future releases.

Aside from shilling porn house gifs, Madison has also been gracious enough to be the guinea pig for our artist support and decentralized media high-deas, the latest of which is a custom gallery of her mixed media work on our forthcoming NFT discovery platform, SN0B. Check out the prototype here.

Our intent is to let any artist list their NFTs and galleries to help facilitate the discovery process of their own work. We know that not all artists will see the value in our approach to audience building, but we are confident we can execute on delivering a low-cost, high-quality audience. For a budding NFT artist like Madison Jesseka, that can make all the difference.

If you are in the same boat — i.e. you like to create shit, be it NFTs, traditional art, music, content, or just social media posts — then join our community and collective to help reshape the creator economy and level the cultural playing field. Entry credentials will be available December 25th in the form of SN0Bs, our first in-house NFT collection, but we will airdrop them for free to reliable contributors and creators we believe in. Reach out now. Be a snob.

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