Broken record.

Casimir Stone
October 19, 2021

If I asked you what collection of music moved $100k in the past 7 days, what would you say? Young Thug? Don Toliver? Lil Ugly Mane? Probably yes to the first two — if only to the last. But if you remove all talent from that list, then add EulerBeats, which did 32.4eth in sales last week, you’ve got a solid picture of the state of music NFTs.

‘Broken record’ encapsulates it just as well, so I’m resigned to sounding like one in this column. EulerBeats Enigma is a ‘limited edition set of algorithmically generated art + music’ — in other words, some 50-odd amateur quality Depeche Mode type beats whipped up by some cheap AI without a splash of recognizable humanity.

These abominations deserve maybe a couple dozen streams on Youtube, not a floor price of 1.8eth. But crypto music being what it is, I can barely even muster the outrage anymore. Luckily, I get to cover some real musicians dropping imminently in my next column — I don’t have much more bandwidth for bland shit left in me.

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