Boredom as an art form

el Prof
March 17, 2022

For all our talk of being under a Sisyphean curse to relive the sins of our ancestors on repeat, we’ve come a long way from our past. Gone are the days of needing to be a white male nobleman apprenticing under a Renaissance master since before his balls dropped to stake your claim to arts and culture. Now, the majority of exciting art emerges from the hands of average people being extremely online, stuck at home, and bored as fuck. 

Take @d.oozi — or Kim Jae-hwi — a talented sketch / cartoon artist who launched his account near the end of 2020. While their early posts were dominated by doodled self-portraiture and Great Value New Yorker comics, as of late, Jai-hwi has mastered a subdued surrealism centering around the return of normalcy in post-COVID life.

piece titled ‘마스크🙁’ — which translates to ‘mask 🙁’ — deftly depicts the blind loyalty that the average American displays to the rhetoric of their political party of choice, with the subtle touch of the cursive lettering on the color-splashed shirt providing a The Dress style Rorschach test. Do you see ‘Mask Up’ or ‘Mask Off’? Or is weed bad for your cataracts after all? 

Jai-hwi’s growth as an artist over the past couple years is a testament to the ever-growing array of cool art out there that hasn’t had its edges sanded off by the long arm of Rich Uncle Bitcoinbags. But, as demonstrated publicly on the @d.oozi timeline, having nothing better to do is a powerful creative aphrodisiac, and it won’t take long before the powers that be take notice. We urge Mr. Kim to take power into his own hands while he has a chance.

Or, at least, pass it off to us. Because we’re trustworthy. Totally. 

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