Bippity boppity buy.

el Prof
January 11, 2022

In honor of Sunday evening’s h0r_oscopes column, I’m dedicating today’s Stud Finder to a collection that’s been haunting me for months. Crypto Coven is, as these things tend to be, a DAO and NFT collection of ~10k profile picture JPGs. But with a floor of .34eth, it is among the more affordable PFPs, and, much like our own sn0bs, has a healthy sense of self mythologizing, having launched, naturally, on All Hallows’ Eve.

The mission of this collective is to recruit and bring a more diverse perspective into web3, which is emerging as a true priority of this new frontier, as we’ve previously covered with the web3 baddies. The Crypto Covens team is focused on building a narrative-driven metaverse, which I assume means merchandising and some sort of RPG. Is it the most original approach? Try, ‘the only.’ Nevertheless, seeing such an inclusive team succeed in a big way (the collection has already sold out and traded over 800eth on OpenSea) is spellbinding.

While we’re on the topic of discovery, I didn’t find this project through my usual channels (OS Rankings or Activity) but rather because so many women thought leaders whose hot takes I follow on Twitter have already adopted these PFPs. Having proved out their marketing model irl, hopefully makes up for my violation of the first rule of the Crypto Coven: focus on “the lore, not the floor”. Admittedly, I did agree to pay no attention to the crypto cash grab behind the curtain — but only while poking around the Discord channel, not in the comfort of my own armchair snobbery.

Anyway, my intentions are pure. The ceiling is a whopping 100,000eth, and I only mentioned the low floor because this feels like one of those slow burning effigies that, in a year’s time, will be white hot and uncursed. But don’t take my word for it. Remember, I’m not legally liable for investment advice — just unsolicited opinions.

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