Another great artist to rip off

el Prof
February 8, 2022

I write about artists from the Metro Detroit area a lot, in part because it’s a culturally rich city, in part because I’m lazy. This week, my stud is another local by the name of Jae Grahm, hailing from Pontiac. I decided to cover Jae because I’m a shameless self-promoter of — my city, my people, and my beloved Mondrian-meets-Basquiat aesthetic, which Jae has seen fit to pander to me with for most of his feed.

But, ironically, the piece that really set my heart ablaze is his latest digital animation, which places a juxtaposition between the boundless nature of the universe alongside the mundanity of a daily commute. It is ripe for Art Blocks to come along and ‘curate’ (read: plagiarize) so, in the spirit of our Spotlight, we’d like to suggest Jae go ahead and adopt web3 before web3 adopts him. 

On an unrelated note, we also want to shout out his web2 domain name, Clearly, he subscribes to the cultrh0r school of thought: why pay $1000 for a legible domain name when you could get a barely coherent jumble of characters for cents on the dollar? Check out his full collection of work and support him financially by checking out the products and prints available on said site. 

Christ. Isn’t web2 a mouthful? ‘Send me some ETH for my latest JPG, my wallet address is 0xc3aFFd0C721392B6D4D10B358B6cD97Fc19A7471’ just flows better. 

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