Announcement: H0R_oscopes Now Written In The Stars

el Prof
November 11, 2021

Next week, I will be back on the wide, wild OpenSeas. My plan is to have the video series live again by Monday morning, but we will see. That being said, the seas have expanded and, in the wake of a crypto billionaire declaring Solana ‘better than Ethereum’, I will now also be covering NFT projects from the token’s primary marketplace, Solanart. 

As for this week, the top projects are all regular staples we’ve covered in this column before. So, instead of crowning duds or studs, I’m going to dedicate this slot to Ghxsts, a useful jumping off point to some of the other topics we want to consider exploring. 

Ghxsts is an NFT project featuring hand drawn mythological and astrological characters from across time, religion, and culture. These topics are far from the mainstream these days and yet, perhaps as indicative of our future culture as our past.

The collection features 327 total NFTs, with 4 left to be minted. In NFT collection terms, this means very limited, and fittingly, it commands an astronomical floor price of 5eth (~$20k). As a water-loving Scorpio (I’m new to this shit) you can bet your ass it takes a lot out of me to share my thoughts with the public, especially as a lone wolf type, but I definitely don’t love this NFT design enough to drop $30k on it. 

But I have nothing negative to say about it either, and not only because the novelty of being hand drawn alone gives them the right to any asking price in my eyes. (AI degenerated is more like it.) More importantly, we are deeply invested in the subject matter of this project. As HORs, we know nothing about reality is what meets the eye, and while structured religions are facist in their dogmatic thought control, spirituality is an innate human desire that our secular, scientific, academic overlords want us to sound crazy for espousing. 

However, fear of sounding crazy has never stopped us before. So Chad and I are proud to officially announce that we will be covering the spiritual, religious, paranormal, astrological, numerological, psychonautic, psychedelic, and just plain psychotic conversations from across the ether in our forthcoming h0r_oscopes letter. We can’t say when, nor how, nor why. Just keep your eyes on the stars (and your inbox) and one day it will appear.

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