5 Worst NFT Bets of the Week

el Prof
October 28, 2021

All I need to make a banger is a hot beat and a catchy hook. The beat is this column, and that hook tends to be ‘NFT art sucks ass.’ This week, we’re experimenting with a whole new song structure though — we’ve got two Studs for once. But don’t get your hopes up. This is the 3 Duds & A Stud equivalent of a posthumous Lil Peep x XXX collab. It’s not because the work is great. We just had nothing else to work with.

There are two projects riding the OpenSea leaderboard today, both mediocre at best. 

Amber Vittoria’s Alphabet Collection, which has traded 162eth in volume since its inception, is nearing the completion of it’s active life span, with 90 of the 100 words left to mint from her collection of rainbow alphabets.

This project was heavy on the artist’s involvement — spend 0.5eth on enough single letters to spell a word of your choosing, and the artist will spell it for you free of charge! (Never mind that you’ve already spent $10k by this theoretical point, and the work of writing it out is a simple Photoshop job. We’re talking about the NFT art world, after all.)

Aesthetically, I see no difference from the standard graphic design styling we see plastered all over Instagram, but damn, I bet 2k likes don’t go quite as far as $2k. 

Nick Kuder’s Rings Genesis Collection has traded over 634eth over its lifetime and commands a minimum of 12eth for ownership of a single piece. Said pieces are 200 algorithmically-generated gifs created from an ML model of cattle brands and hobo signs. Aesthetically speaking, I love this project, and clearly scarcity is a major factor in its success. But as for the craftsmanship of this art? I’d rather see it carved by a train kid into a tree than by a computer onto a canvas in Photoshop.

Then again, at least both are better than:

  • RareBunniClub — I swear these profile ponzi clubs are multiplying like rabbits. 793eth traded to date.
  • #LetsWalk, which asks the radical question, what if your favorite pop culture character… walked? 696eth traded to date.
  • 720 Minutes — a series of fittingly apocalyptic Rorschach tests. 2.keth traded to date. 

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