5.5.22 sure is a day in NFT history

Casimir Stone
May 5, 2022

Salvador Dali (overrated as fuck, to be fair) got nada on the surrealism of NFT Twitter circa 2022. I’ve gone off on the odd, almost clinically compulsive patterns of Crypto and/or Shill Twitter plenty of times by now. But NFT Twitter — which self-identifies as its own thing — is where the simulation truly jumps the shark, as evinced by the pure potpourri of poetic irony serendipitously pictured above. 

The initial question tweeted by good old @horndogdoteth — ‘Is tomorrow going to be the biggest day in NFT history?’ — had nothing to do with any specific happening planned in the Neopets-esque economy of non-fungible tokens. It turns out to be a fairly common refrain on NFT Twitter, as one commenter perceptively pointed out:

Sort of a ‘give a Bored Ape infinite time and typewriter and eventually it’ll rewrite Hamlet‘ type thing, I guess. Tweet your unfounded optimism out every day and surely one day will be the biggest day in NFT history, at which point your few thousand followers will hail you as a God and all that Reddit karma will carry you off into Internet nirvana. Only problem is, every other day, you’ll look like a glitching Russian bot, at best. And, at worst, you’ll become the butt of a Culture H0R joke, if you happen to still be tweeting it when the worst day in NFT history inevitably comes.

Well, come it did, along with an Elon Musk tweet, as worst days often do. A report in The Independent — shared above by @wondermundo — dropped today, revealing that daily sales in the NFT market have fallen 92% since last September. And, naturally, it just so happens to coincide with Once and Future King Musk suggesting they’re ‘pretty fungible’ to his millions of followers / future subjects.

Correlation or causation? I’ll leave it up to the meeting of the minds gathered on NFT Twitter to decide. While they’re at it, maybe they can explain why we, too, rang the death knell for Ethereum-based NFTs last Tuesday, a day and a half before the news broke. But idk. Could be everything is random and the universe is just a meaningless hash of binary code.

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