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A few Google defectors, some really smart people and a movement.

OUR MISSION: To give the power of personal data back to the people.  Big data, fitness tracking apps, calendar apps, to do lists, etc., all get the benefit of taking your personal data and making it useful to themselves.  Just imagine a world where your personal data can be housed, analyzed, monetized and most importantly, optimized; by YOU.  

This is your PLAYHAUS.



The foundation of the internet is built off of user identity and bread crumb trails of their authorized account functionality.

We intend to provide users with a digital vault, that selectively shares information with the apps they use, to maximize privacy or financial value capture for our users.



web3 technologies providing trustless solutions for tackling the delicate balancing of protecting both user privacy, and against bad actors, namely bots, which currently troll our internet.

We are providing users with tools the enable them with the choice to monetize their personal data or remain private, while interacting with legacy and emerging software.

User Owned

User Owned

Where systems return more value to its stakeholders, than they put into the systems.

Meaning no more skimping on the product offering at the expense of the consume. And, no more treating the consumer as the product, they are stakeholders, partners in this data economy.


Many users today are becoming aware of the way that their personal data is being used against them, web3 technologies and legislators are mobilizing to shake things up, but most users remain unaware of the true value of their digital assets.

The Data Economy


digital assets = personal data

This data stands to be worth $2k-10k+ in additional income per year, to every internet user in the United States; this economy is growing exponentially due to advances in patient tailored healthcare technology.


Users need a safe location to centralize their personal information; websites are the front doors of the internet.

We provide a free webpage builder, for internet users — that doubles as a crypto wallet for their data.

From this free base, we offer a curated selection of productivity & automation widgets, that make personal data even more valuable to you, by helping you to put life and work in easy mode.


As content creators ourselves, we understand that there are a lot of software tools in the mix being utilized to create, publish, promote, and monetize digital products.

From MailChimp & Instagram, to Shopify & YouTube, our data is scattered across the internet.  PLAYHAUS can help you change that.

We are looking to automate the organization and management of your business operations, so you, as the creator, can focus on your unique value add to delight and grow your audience.

Health Reports

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$ 4
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Social Audiences
  • CRM Systems
  • Email Systems
  • SMS Systems
  • Website Analytics
  • Sales Systems
  • Accounting Systems

Advertising Manager

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$ 777+ Monthly
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • TikTok Ads
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Performance Analyzer

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$ 6
  • Advertising Platforms
  • Landing Pages
  • SEO Content Pages
  • Newsletter Series
  • Product Listings
  • Affiliate Listings
  • Video Series

FREE PLAYHAUS Accounts are customizable “linked-in-bio” webpages, helping creators to capture contact information from their followers and share important links.


The company was founded by a Machine Learning & AI Product Expert from Google, Connor Borrego, who after several years of working with Small Business Owners, realized that these platforms are casinos that stack odds against the little players, in favor of the easier to manage, and higher paying, whales.  Connor decided to change the rules of the game.

He realized that equipping content creators with better tools to own their data would lead to more value in their pockets today, but lead to the tools being available for small business owners and eventually all users to benefit from.


Our Tools + Your Imagination

Connor Borrego

Founder, CEO

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Solomon Amoako

Co-Founder, CRO

Casimir M. Stone

Co-Founder, Creative Director