Casimir Stone
September 30, 2021

We waited for a sponsor until we had one we knew you’d love, and boy is it a doozy. Do you love NFTs? Yeah? Well how about boobs? Cause that’s — that’s pretty much what we got for you. It’s NFT boobs.

Seriously though, digititties — the new collection from our in-house artist Madison Jesseka — is everything a Culture HOR sponsor should be. It appeals to just about every dark corner of the web you can imagine, without clouding your conscience, because it’s for a Good Cause™.

digititties serves as an effective reboot of the ‘I Love Boobies’ campaign (aka those few months when all the sk8r bois in middle school wore explicit rubber bracelets) intended to reignite conversation around the oversexualization of the female nipple.

2/1000 are live now on OpenSea. Free what’s yours. Be your own sugar baddie.

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