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Your data needs a safe haus online, and that’s where playhaus comes in.

Data management is boring and tedious work. Fortunately the nerds at playhaus took care of most of that with their data science ingestion model, and are giving you a personalized AI Coach instead. 

why care about your personal data? You can save time & money across your life, plus it can even help you make more money.


what is playhaus?

A Smart Wallet

Just like real life, your digital wallet — like your physical one — holds more than just credit cards.

Wallets hold ID’s, membership cards, and other sensitive information. The same care is needed for your online information.

Owning your data looks different for every individual. We all use different websites, apps, and other connected tools to go about our days.

What is so powerful about the playhaus data model is that it utilizes the scientific method to help users manage their personal information and growth their value over time.

Own Your Data

Manage Any System

With your data organized into a secure, private, personal vault, it can be permissioned to a decentralized intelligence cloud network to power your personal AI Coach.

Earning you more dollars by improving the efficiency of any tracked and systematized process.

Allowing you the user to grow. And to grow intelligently by defining what success looks like for you on an individual level.

But these same growth signals can be automated for digital advertising promotions if you happen to be a brand or business that needs that.

Intelligently Grow Assets

safely haus your digital identity with playhaus.

We help content creators & communities to grow faster, cheaper, and smarter by helping them to manage their most valuable digital assets:

Their digital identity and audiences.

Profile pages are your front door on the internet.

do you own your haus?

Chapter One: Minimum Viable Community

Tokenizing Music Discovery

web3 holds the promise of fixing not only what’s wrong with the internet, but also problems relating to accessing information and empowring communities to solve problems.

digital creatives stand to benefit the most from the organization and use of their personal data, which is why we are focused on empowering them first.

Join the sn0bs, if you want to support ensuring that every internet user has accountable control over their privacy and autonomy. 

Need A Personal Touch?

We know not all businesses are at the same stage in their development, nor do they all have the same aspirations, which is why we offer white glove services through our sister agency. Our edge comes from a background in applied machine learning for digital media arbitrage.

The TLDR; is that we are statistically good at running advertising systems. We also build websites, create content, partner with brands, and provide data-driven advice.