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A few Google defectors, some really smart people and a movement.

OUR MISSION: To give the power of personal data back to the people. 

The Data Economy — social apps, streaming apps, health apps, finance apps and everything in between — makes money selling your personal information. 

Just imagine a world where your personal data can be housed, analyzed, monetized and most importantly, optimized; by YOU. 

This is your PLAYHAUS.

We help content creators & communities to grow faster, cheaper, and smarter by helping them to manage their most valuable digital assets:

Their digital identity and audiences.

Profile pages are your front door on the internet, do you own yours?

Our Process



Data cleaning is a necessary step in order to feed artificial intelligence computer systems, it's what allows the computer to understand how to help us. At playhaus data refining is our secret sauce.

With our process you can use whatever business tools you want, and we can help you read its data to maximize the impact of that system on your whole business.



playhaus specializes in making easy to read charts and educational materials that can accelerate your personal growth as a business operator using the data we've helped you to ingest.

In business the allocation of time & money is the key differentiator in success. Developing good habits is challenging, but creating a goal, reward system to incentivize it can be a powerful tool.



With our AI Coach on your side, you can be confident to double down on a message, product, channel, or audience that are driving statistically significant results for your business.

But for all the little repetitive actions that don't need your constant oversight, you can be confident the same intelligence is taking responsibility for it.

Right now the focus of playhaus is to make business fun.

To do so we are equipping content creators and communities with the best tools available in web 2&3 to reclaim ownership over their digital breadcrumb trails.

The job will be complete when every last user of the internet has a crypto wallet for controlling access to their data, the real digital asset of the internet, and an emerging naturally occurring resource.

Need A Personal Touch?

We know not all businesses are at the same stage in their development, nor do they all have the same aspirations, which is why we offer white glove services through our sister agency. Our edge comes from a background in applied machine learning for digital media arbitrage.

The TLDR; is that we are statistically good at running advertising systems. We also build websites, create content, partner with brands, and provide data-driven advice.

PLAYHAUS Websites & Growth Tools

As content creators ourselves, we understand that there are a lot of software tools being used to create, publish, promote, and monetize digital products.

From MailChimp & Instagram, to Shopify & YouTube, our data is scattered across the internet.  PLAYHAUS can help you change that.

We are automating the organization & management of your business, so you, the creator, can focus on delivering the best content possible to your audience.

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